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Remove trivial uses of nsIProgrammingLanguage from comm-central



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3 years ago
2 months ago


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3 years ago
I'm working towards removing nsIProgrammingLanguage.h from mozilla-central.  Right now, it looks like none of these changes should break comm-central, but eventually they will require fixing.

- In bug 1148070, I changed |nsIClassInfo::getHelperForLanguage(foo)| to |getXPCHelper()|.  There are a few places that define this method.  Just change the methods |getHelperForLanguage()| that take an argument and return null to methods called |getScriptableHelper()| that take no arguments and return null.  I'm not sure it even really matters if you don't define it.

- In bug 1147572, I removed GetImplementationLanguage from nsIClassInfo.  Any place that is implementing classinfo and uses a line that looks like this can be deleted:
  implementationLanguage: Components.interfaces.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT

- /calendar/base/backend/libical/calUtils.h includes nsIProgrammingLanguage.h but doesn't use it.


3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Comment 1

3 years ago
Most of the uses seem to be in chat. The one odd occurrence in /suite/feeds also does not seem to deserve classifying this under mailnews core/feed reader.

Andrew, thanks for notifying us.

    line 241 -- getHelperForLanguage: function(language) null,
    line 372 -- getHelperForLanguage: function(language) null,
    line 903 -- getHelperForLanguage: function(language) null,
    line 1218 -- getHelperForLanguage: function(language) null,

    line 197 -- getHelperForLanguage: function(language) null,

    line 242 -- implementationLanguage: Ci.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,
    line 373 -- implementationLanguage: Ci.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,
    line 904 -- implementationLanguage: Ci.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,
    line 1219 -- implementationLanguage: Ci.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,

    line 200 -- implementationLanguage: Ci.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,

    line 132 -- implementationLanguage: Components.interfaces.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT,
    line 463 -- implementationLanguage: Components.interfaces.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT
    line 530 -- implementationLanguage: Components.interfaces.nsIProgrammingLanguage.JAVASCRIPT
Component: Feed Reader → Backend
Version: unspecified → 39
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Chat part v1
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Chat part v1

Review of attachment 8589571 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: chat/components/src/imContacts.js
@@ +1191,5 @@
>  function ContactsService() { }
>  ContactsService.prototype = {
> +  __proto__: ClassInfo("imIContactsService", "Contacts"),

I don't think services need to implement nsIClassInfo.

::: chat/modules/imXPCOMUtils.jsm
@@ +193,5 @@
>        [Ci.nsIClassInfo, Ci.nsISupports].concat(this._interfaces);
>      countRef.value = interfaces.length;
>      return interfaces;
>    },
> +  getXPCHelper: function() null,

It looks like this is called getScriptableHelper, not getXPCHelper.
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Comment 4

2 months ago
It looks like emk is going to remove nsIProgrammingLanguage in bug 1149830, so you'll need to fix this in Thunderbird.
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