[FxOSS] mobilepartners.mozilla.org Create Detailed Features WhitePaper for FxOS v2.2



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When complete the paper will be posted on this page under the detailed features link https://mobilepartners.mozilla.org/learn/
Step 1: Complete Work Order (Karen)
Step 2: Initiate Work (Peter & Richard)
Step 3: Finalize Document 
Step 4: Post Document on site

Target to have the document ready to post is attachment is May 8, 2015.


4 years ago
Depends on: 152519
No longer depends on: 1139219


4 years ago
Depends on: 1152519
No longer depends on: 152519

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4 years ago
Step 1: Work order being tracked in Bug 1152519.
Assignee: kward → rbloor

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4 years ago
Input to document provided in email on April 8. The 2.2 release is a little different than the previous.  Input to document provided in email from Peter on April 8 - We switched to a new requirements management tool but didn't end up using it fully in 2.2, so some things on the roadmap may not be actually included in the release.
Here is the roadmap list for 2.2:

I tried to go through and just pull out the items that were actually included in the release.  I listed those here:

That list and the referenced bug IDs will probably give you the majority of what you need.
Let me know if there are questions.
Created attachment 8598892 [details]

Karen, this is ready for upload.  I'm having the Product team do additional reviews, but we can update it later if there are minor tweaks.
Assignee: rbloor → kward
Created attachment 8601474 [details]

Karen, I made some minor corrections.  Attached is the latest version for the website.
Attachment #8598892 - Attachment is obsolete: true

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4 years ago
Posted to English Version of the site.
@Wanting, please post to Chinese version of the site and close the bug when you are done. Thanks.

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3 years ago
Closed - this bug is no longer needed / change in strategy and way of working with FxOS precipitates closing these bugs
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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