mrgiggles is no longer updating analysis results




3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
mrgiggles is running off a build from January 2015. Something about the update poller is busted.

Note thtat this may be a larger problem. With the analysis feeding off of automation results, updates are frequent, and despite using Twisted they block mrgiggles's processing for many seconds each time. I remember when this updating was working, mrgiggles's response time was noticeably bad.

So one fix is to repair whatever's broken. Another short-term fix might be to throttle the updates (so don't pull down *every* successful build's results, maybe just one per hour or so.) And another possible longer-term fix would be to move the analysis reporting to pull from a database, and update the database with a separate process. That would fix some scaling issues as well (mrgiggles can give finer granularity information for shell hazard results; the full browser and b2g data is too large to simply suck into memory.)

Giving mrgiggles the general capability of talking to a DB may be handy for other uses, too.
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