RDP not available on loaned machine (t-w732-ix)



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4 years ago
We have loaned t-w732-ix-005 in bug 1149788. 
We can connect to this machine using ssh or vnc but if we try to access it via RDP we get a:

"Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network, and then try again."

(using Microsoft remote desktop)

Is remote desktop enabled for loaned machines?

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4 years ago
RDP is turned off for testers explicitly.
<Callek|buildduty> Q: do you recall why we turned off RDP for testers?
<Callek|buildduty> ...and did the "explicitly" also apply to loans
<Q> Callek|buildduty: Yes at least the reason I was given: Can affect timing of tests and RDPing as cltbld can cause a second talos run to start.
<Q> Callek|buildduty: although I assume it was bigger problem pre mdt when ANY user login would kick off talos

Q, I'm going to assert that a machine on loan need not worry about GPO, since we don't auto-start talos on loans anyway.

So I'll consider this my request to make it possible to login via GPO on a loan. (I'm also e-mailing the team for any dissent chance)
So after further discussion, WONTFIX

* We're moving away from GPO and any further work there is an extra delay in moving off it. This being an enhancement alone would put it low priority.
* A user logging into a machine via RDP could accidentally coerce the screen resolution and color depth to something that we don't directly support in our build farm, meaning they would get different results
* Using RDP also means its far easier to get launched in a different context than we do buildbot based jobs.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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