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(Whiteboard: [engagement-fxGrowth-2015])

We are creating a send to device widget for 38.1. This widget will allow a user to send themselves an email or SMS text with download links for our mobile apps.

SMS and email copy and design are being developed in bug 1146908. We'll want this copy translated in the current user engagement locales (en, es, fr, de, pl, pt-BR, hu, id, ru)

The communications are (all copy can be found in the bug above):

1. SMS message with iOS link
2. SMS message with Android link
3. SMS message with both links
4. Email with iOS link
5. Email with Android link
6. Email with both links

Copy is expected to be complete by April 10th, with design a day or two behind.

Other references:

Widget UX bug 1146528 comment 7
Widget designs bug 1146528 comment 11, bug 1146528 comment 12, bug 1146528 comment 13
Widget copy bug 1146528 comment 10
Ben, a couple questions:

1. Will you be handling the translation here? Is there a separate bug for that?
2. If we're able to supply final copy/design by April 15th, when can we test for en-US?

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Comment 2

4 years ago
I will handle translation (well I'll coordinate the teams anyway). We don't need a separate bug since none of our localizers on the email side use bugzilla. 

Turn around on en-US is pretty fast, assuming design is pretty similar to the 37 Android campaign. 

I will need a few days, however, to get the email coded and tested.
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Comment 3

4 years ago
Also is it your expectation that we will be setting up the SMS in ExactTarget?
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(In reply to Ben Niolet from comment #3)
> Also is it your expectation that we will be setting up the SMS in
> ExactTarget?
It was, yes.
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