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Subscribing to new IMAP account folders is excessively tedious


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Steps to reproduce:

Link to an existing IMAP account that has lots of folders

Actual results:

Only subscribed to inbox

Expected results:

Been able to select if I wanted to subscribe to all folders or not.

Clicking dozens of checkboxes to get to all subfolders is poor design.  Add a way of select all or deselect all.
Component: Untriaged → Mail Window Front End

Adding my opening comment from bug 1242260 before duping mine to this one...

I have a lot of folders, nested/organized.

After our server migration to Office 365 (ugh, not my choice), I want to use folder subscriptions so that I don't see the 'Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journal' etc folders that TB sees as IMAP mail folders (Outlook and OWA ignore them and don't show them in the mail client).

So, I enabled folder subscriptions. I then noted there is no '[Un]Select All', button, so I had to select each and every folder and sub-folder individually.

There should be a '[Un]Select All' button, so one can quickly select all of the folders, then unselect the few that you don't want to see.

Duplicate of this bug: 1242260
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