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3 years ago
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(Reporter: CocoMo, Assigned: jgmize)





3 years ago
Hi Josh,

Somehow Fulah (ff) have almost triple number of strings in Verbatim.  Could you please check to see what went wrong?



3 years ago
Assignee: nobody → jmize

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3 years ago
I think strings from all versions are in this PO file, not just for 2.0
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3 years ago
You're right! I usually don't look at number of strings. I start translating right away and start looking when most is done :)
Actually I am working offline with Virtaal then upload. I have the 9579 word file. So that's abnormally high then!!

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3 years ago
My apologies, it looks like I forgot to run the https://ci.masterfirefoxos.com/view/Master%20Firefox%20OS/job/masterfirefoxos_makemessages/ job when we added the ff locale in bug 1146712, so when it was added to verbatim (see https://github.com/mozilla/masterfirefoxos-l10n/commit/70d51ac1eafba31f85ed5b1b344041e7b166907e) it was created off the base template file (https://github.com/mozilla/masterfirefoxos-l10n/blob/master/django.pot) which contains all the strings. 

I ran the job linked above (see https://ci.masterfirefoxos.com/view/Master%20Firefox%20OS/job/masterfirefoxos_makemessages/123/console for the output) which, among other things, removed the strings from the ff/LC_MESSAGES/django.po that were not from the 2.0 version of the pages on the site. 

Ibrahima, if you pull the latest commits from master, you should see many fewer strings.

:mathjazz, will you please pull these changes into verbatim manually if necessary, or confirm they were pulled in automatically from github if that is set up already?
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Done. The number went down from 9579 to 3755 words.
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3 years ago
(In reply to Matjaz Horvat [:mathjazz] from comment #5)
> Done. The number went down from 9579 to 3755 words.

Thanks :mathjazz!
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