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Screenshot 2015-04-12 07.43.03.png

See screenshot. A big panel with only two buttons, unlabeled. Looks buggy to me.
That is very strange indeed, given the icons are embedded in that page as data urls (you should see 6 buttons, I'll attach the image).  I'm not able to reproduce this.  If it's consistently reproducible for you, I'd like to figure out what is happening.

FWIW That panel only appears to early-beta so it's not terribly urgent, and am waiting on a new design.
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Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.31.27 PM.png

this is what it should look like.
redesign referenced in comment #1 is in bug 1127493

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4 years ago
I see this consistently on my long-term Nightly heavy-use profile, even after relaunch.

I'd use the Browser Toolbox to inspect it, but of course the tray disappears the minute I click anything, and there's no keyboard shortcut.
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4 years ago
(I don't see this on one of my testing profiles.)

Anything in particular I can do to pin this down for you?

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4 years ago
The culprit is AdBlock Plus. is the version I'm running.

I'm using Fanboy's Social Blocking List as a filter subscription.
It's odd that blocks the icons (which are data urls) when the page is loaded in the panel, but it doesn't when it's loaded in a tab.  Not sure what to think of that.  It may be indiscriminately blocking the image in the page if it has certain alt tags.
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