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Type confusion between object and symbol in XPCVariant


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Assertion failure: val.isObject() (invalid type of jsval!), at js/xpconnect/src/XPCVariant.cpp:301
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XPCVariant doesn't support Symbols; as a stopgap, we could throw when trying to convert one, but longer term we'll need to support them properly (at least for CustomEvent; not sure if we use them anywhere else in the DOM).
Hmm.  So what should the C++-side reflection of a symbol look like?

Also, can we just change CustomEvent to storing a Value instead of a variant?  That seems like it would work pretty nicely in this particular case.
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Would need to then use some more JS API magic in CustomEvent implementation to keep the C++ API still
somewhat easy to use.

Or, let CustomEvent to hold to variant or JS::Value, so that C++ would use the Variant version of methods, and if JS::Value was actually stored, prevent Symbol->Variant conversion explicitly or something - a bit ugly.
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Which C++ API are we worried about?

The two GetDetail() callers I see in our C++ are in GetDetail and they expect to get a property bag.  More on this below.

We do have some places that InitCustomEvent with a variant; we could either store the nsIVariant and convert to a JS::Value lazily GetDetail or we could make those consumers use ToJSValue.  Looking at them:

1) nsGlobalWindow::DispatchResizeEvent starts out with a Value anyway.
2) DispatchCustomDOMEvent in BrowserElementParent starts out with a Value anyway.
3) nsXMLPrettyPrinter::PrettyPrint has a DocumentFragment it's trying to put in there.
4) nsTreeBodyFrame::FireRowCountChangedEvent and nsTreeBodyFrame::FireInvalidateEvent
   both put a propertybag in the detail.  This is the stuff the a11y code listens to.

So apart from that XUL tree stuff, using a Value here would be pretty straightforward...
What are the security implications of this?
The code goes on to treat the value as a JSObject*.  So now it's got a Symbol* that it thinks is a JSObject* and it starts operating on the latter.  My gut instinct is that this is sec-critical, honestly, since JSObject* basically has a vtable (via the Class), but I don't have a good feel for how much control an attacker might have over where the Symbol* points.
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Not sure if we should change CustomEvent or make Variant to support symbols... I think probably latter so that whoever uses Variants doesn't need to think about Symbols.
Keywords: sec-critical
Summary: "Assertion failure: val.isObject() (invalid type of jsval!)" with Symbol → Type confusion between object and symbol in XPCVariant
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This should be enough. Don't even try to expose Symbols on C++ side, and let 
XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS to just access the jsval.
And in case of arrays, make sure array stores variants.
Not very efficient, but I don't think we care in this case.
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Review of attachment 8593079 [details] [diff] [review]:

I guess so. I wish we could handle these better.
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Jesse, want to fuzz test with the patch? I wouldn't be too surprised if Symbols cause issues also somewhere else than in XPCVariant.
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[Approval Request Comment]
Bug caused by (feature/regressing bug #): whenever Symbol was implemented in JS engine,
based on FF36
User impact if declined: use of jsval as object when it actually isn't such, so unexpected results.
Testing completed: local testing
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): This is the safest patch I can think of, shouldn't be risky.
String or UUID changes made by this patch: NA

The commit message would be

"Bug 1153688, treat JS Symbol as void on C++ side of Variant, r=bholley"

which kind of hints still what the issue is. And the patch is rather obvious.
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sec-approval+ for trunk and I gave Aurora and Beta approvals as well.
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