move code to create "All ABs" menuitems in addressbook lists into addressBookWidgets.xml



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Split off bug 1136798 comment 14

Move code that adds "All ABs" menuitems in addressbook menupopups into mailnews/addrbook/content/addrbookWidgets.xml . As we do not want the the All ABs menuitem in all menupopups with addrbooks-menupopup binding there must be a way to indicate whether we want it or not. e.g. there can be an attribute set on the menupopup that is then read in the <constructor> of the binding.
The default would be to NOT create the All ABs item. And only after auditing the various users of the binding we should add the attribute to those that want the item (or can use it).

Comment 1

3 years ago
This was already partly attempted in bug 1142705, so please see bug 1142705 comment 10 for some caveats and hints how to do this.
No longer depends on: 1136798
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