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Intermittent resource (camera and microphone) release problem after ending a call in WebRTC app.

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Steps to reproduce:

- Start a video & audio call in a WebRTC app.
- Accept permissions for microphone and camera for both users
- End call
- Repeat this basic scenario several times

Actual results:

- Camera and microphone is not released intermittently
- This case causes audio/video problem in subsequent calls. 

Expected results:

- Camera and microphone should be released.
Which WebRTC app? How was the call ended - clicking on an "end" button, or reloading, or navigating away?
How did you determine the camera/mic weren't released?  (was the sharing indicator visible?)  How quickly were the re-calls done, or did it not matter?  What version of Firefox was used, and on what OS?

Sorry for all the questions, but these will help a lot in actually investigating your report.  More more detail you can give about what you did and saw, the better.
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We need to get more details on the STR (see comment 1) soon, else this is not actionable, and I'll close it as INCOMPLETE.

To the bug reporter -- can you try to reproduce this on Nightly (Fx 41) and if you can repro, provide us with the details in comment 1?  Thanks.
Marking this resolved incomplete because we can't move forward without more info from the bug reporter, and we've had an unanswered needinfo into him/her for over a month.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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