Delete AMO account 10780644 due to repeated copyright infringement



4 years ago
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4 years ago
We need to delete this account due to repeated copyright infringement violations:

I can't delete it through AMO because of the amount of themes and reviews linked to the account. I tried to at least anonymize it, but I don't know if it worked.
It appears they were anonymized.  Is that good enough for this bug to be closed?

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4 years ago
At least the themes and reviews for that account need to be deleted as well.
Brandon helped with this before in bug 878087 comment 1.  Can we re-run those commands with id 10780644?
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Component: Administration → Database Operations
Product: → Data & BI Services Team
QA Contact: scabral
Target Milestone: 2015-04 → ---
Version: unspecified → other
For the record, we would run:

delete cs.* from collection_subscriptions cs join collections c on cs.collection_id = where c.author_id = 10780644;
delete cv.* from collections_votes cv join collections c on cv.collection_id = where c.author_id = 10780644;
delete sacc.* from stats_addons_collections_counts sacc join collections c on sacc.collection_id = where c.author_id = 10780644;
delete scc.* from stats_collections_counts scc join collections c on scc.collection_id = where c.author_id = 10780644;
delete sc.* from stats_collections sc join collections c on sc.collection_id = where c.author_id = 10780644;
delete from collections where author_id = 10780644;
delete un.* from users_notifications un join users u on un.user_id = where = 10780644;
delete au.* from abuse_reports au join users u on au.user_id = where = 10780644;
delete from users where id = 10780644;

I also needed to run:
delete from abuse_reports where reporter_id=10780644;
delete from addons_users where user_id=10780644;
delete from hubrsskeys where user_id=10780644;
delete from log_activity where user_id=10780644;
delete from log_activity_user where user_id=10780644;
delete from reviews where user_id=10780644;

What did not work:
'addons_mozilla_org.log_activity_user_mkt' doesn't exist:
delete laum.* from log_activity_user_mkt laum join users u on laum.user_id = where = 10780644;
delete laum.* from log_activity_user_mkt laum join log_activity_mkt lam on = laum.activity_log_id where lam.user_id = 10780644;

'addons_mozilla_org.log_activity_mkt' doesn't exist:
delete from log_activity_mkt where user_id = 10780644;
delete from auth_user where id = 10780644;

Does that look right to you?
The deletes were verify I went to and it now says "not found".
Yes, that looks right.  The _mkt tables were from before we split AMO and the Marketplace (it seems so long ago!).  Thanks
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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