Need additional event status (eg. "processing")



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Need a status named processing that leaves the event visible and in the iCal feed, even though Vidly hasn't finished processing.


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We need to incorporate this status in all queries to be `status = 'scheduled' or status = 'processing'`
Summary: Need additional event status. → Need additional event status (eg. "processing")

This might be a bit more challenging bug for you. 

Basically, list of available statuses events can have are these:

We need to introduce another one called Processing (processing). 

At the moment, what we do is this:

1) The upcoming (future) event is entered and planned. It gets scheduled. It appears in people's calendars, RSS readers, etc. 

2) The event goes live, a recording is made and when the event is over the recorded file is uploaded to S3 for transcoding by Whilst waiting for to transcode it the event goes from "Scheduled" to "Pending" (because it's pending a successful transcoding).

3) When tells us the transcoding is finished, we flip the event from "Pending" back to "Scheduled" and the event is ready and archived. 

The problem this; You look at the calendar and see an upcoming event. But suddenly it disappears! You think you've got the wrong information or something and the event can't be found. 

It would be better to be able to see the event at least. And a link to it. On that page we'll say "Hey, thanks for stopping by. We're currently transcoding this. Please be patient and check back in a couple of minutes".

So, wherever we rely on displaying events (browsing, searching, iCal, RSS, sidebar) we almost always rely on this piece of code:

A) We need to change that to be status=Scheduled OR status=Processing

B) When someone goes from Live to transcoding (I can show you this later) instead of setting status=Pending we need to use status=Processing
You might wonder, why not change the query to `status=Scheduled OR status=Pending` instead?

The reason is that file uploads that were never Live (or Upcoming) you should not see until the transcoding is fully finished.

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I have submitted a pull request for this bug here:

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Commits pushed to master at
fixes bug 1154490 - Need additional event status (eg. processing)
Merge pull request #310 from blossomica/bug1154490-Need-additional-event-status-eg-processing

fixes bug 1154490 - Need additional event status (eg. processing)


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