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Add 'browser'/'browse' mention to the Firefox welcome screen


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For the welcome screen (and also the first run first page) where we welcome users to Firefox, can we please make a small change to state 'Welcome to Firefox browser' in order to increase brand & utility awareness of what it is. 

Very important in the preinstall case where users didn't actively download us (and therefore know what we were) and helps build up the 'what' it is that Firefox does.
I'd rather get Matej to take another stab on this Welcome Screen as a whole. 

Matej, given Karen's remarks above and what we currently have in the product (download Nightly on Android to have a see for yourself if you'd like :), can we try to update this copy? 

It would be ideal to maintain a similar level of brevity if possible so we don't have to re-layout the new copy, heh. Would really appreciate the eyes if you have time!
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Great call, and thanks. Also adding Arcadio to keep him in the loop.
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Could someone put the copy we're talking about in this bug? Thanks.
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Hey Matej!

Currently, it reads: "Welcome to Firefox/Firefox Beta/Nightly", "More privacy features and ways to customize than ever.", "Sign in to Firefox/Firefox Beta/Nightly", "Start browsing".
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And I think Karen is suggesting switching the copy to say "Welcome to Firefox Browser" (from comment #1).
Ah, that copy. Thanks.

I think it would be better to keep just "Firefox" in the headline and then expand on what it is in the copy below. Here are a couple of options:

Welcome to Firefox
Browse the Web with features you'll love and privacy you can trust.

Welcome to Firefox
Make your mobile Web browsing experience truly your own.

Welcome to Firefox
The mobile Web browser that gives you more ways to make it your own.
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A thought here - although this is obviously the welcome screen on the mobile device, I like the idea of promoting cross-platform features, meaning we don't necessarily want the association that Firefox = mobile browsing, but rather Firefox = browsing on mobile, desktop, etc. I like the message for all of them (making it your own / experience that is truly your own), but wonder about de-emphasizing the 'mobile' aspect here? Just a thought!
Here are a couple of other headline options I shared in an email thread (the copy could stay the same):

Browse the Web with Firefox

Browse with Firefox

I think both address comment 7.
Could we see them both (from comment 8) mocked up (and also in German, since that's my gauge for l10n layouts)?
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Summary: add 'browser' to the Firefox welcome screen → Add 'browser'/'browse' mention to the Firefox welcome screen
Karen, thoughts?
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(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #10)
> Created attachment 8595439 [details]
> prev_welcomescr_mock3.png
> Karen, thoughts?

I like it. The "browse with firefox" part doesn't feel as forced as "firefox browser".
fab - love it.
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Chenxia, could we get these updated?
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Looks great, just wondering if we want to keep the original copy with that headline. This one feels a bit repetitive.

Also, you may find this interesting:

It's a comparison of average string length relative to English in Firefox OS.
Yep! I'm going to assign this to ally for now, so she can do an Android strings bug. (I'll take it back if she doesn't have time for it.)

Ally: let me know if that works for you!
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discussed on irc, is now mine.
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Comment on attachment 8596888 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8596888 [details] [diff] [review]:

This doesn't apply here because there aren't tests for the First Run text, but for future reference, sometimes when you change strings, you'll have to fix tests too. (Settings is one place to watch out for.) In those cases, you should mxr for the string, because we don't do localized string testing :)
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protip: remember to _land_ patch after r+
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