Reader View ignores <header> content that uses an WAI-ARIA landmark role



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3 years ago

1.) In Nightly, open the following URL in a new tab:

2.) Click the reader icon in the main address bar once the page has loaded, to enter Reader View.

Expected results:

Reader View should display content from the top half of the page, which is contained in `<header role="content-info">`.

It used to display the opening paragraph, and the main heading <img>. I would consider both of these to be pretty relevant to the rest of the article content.

Actual results:

Only content from the bottom half of the page is displayed in Reader View. Content in the main page <header> is ignored completely.

This seems to be a recent regression, as the header was displayed in Reader View fine last week.

As a side note: I also now frequently get the error "Failed to load article from page" when toggling Reader View, when applying only very small changes to the markup (for example, wrapping an <h3> and <p> in a plain <div> for layout/styling). This makes it very difficult to create a page for Reader View with any kind of visual design that may require additional markup in places.


3 years ago

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3 years ago
A little further investigation shows this seems to be triggered by the `role` attribute on the <header>.

I've been testing role="banner" and role="content-info" landmarks, and both seem to cause Reader View to ignore the content.

If I remove the landmark role, Reader View seems to display the <header> content as expected. I'm going to remove the landmark role from the page, but will leave this bug open as I'm not sure if this is intended behavior.
Summary: Reader View ignores semantic content in <header> → Reader View ignores <header> content that uses an WAI-ARIA landmark role


2 years ago
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