update Yosemite (OS X 10.10) test slaves to release 10.10.3



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4 years ago
OS X 10.10.3 introduced support for new Unicode 8.0 emoji features (in particular, skin-tone variations); the new emoji font required a Gecko update (bug 1153460) to support properly.

In order to write reftests for this new behavior, we'd need the test slaves to be running 10.10.3 so that the proper version of the Apple Color Emoji font is present.
Kim, would this fall under you?
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4 years ago
If we went forward with this it would be releng + relops.  The larger issue is what do most of our users run - do they run on 10.10.2 or 10.10.3 according to metrics.   The steps are to 1) pull slave 2) reimage and test puppet configs + run tests to ensure green 3) reimage all machines as a rolling maintenance.  The time commitment is not trivial.  Anyways, let me talk to coop about this in our meeting today wrt other priorities.
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I talked to Kim about this today. 

Unfortunately it's never as simple as just rev-ing the OS version to get the new font. There's lots of other stuff in the update (screen sharing/display changes, security updates) which could easily cause other tests to start failing. We could be talking about a multi-month process if there are issues, depending on how much traction we get from devs to fix any broken tests. Kim _just_ finished validating 10.10.2 in Q1 for example, and that OS version isn't even being used on our release branch yet. We'd also need to make sure the update plays nicely with our deployment system.

We can commit to getting a single, test system for 10.10.3 setup. If everything works out and there are no test failures or deployment issues, great. 

If it goes the other way, I simply don't have anyone to follow-through on chasing down test failures. Kim has already committed to other work for Q2.
Depends on: 1074398
We adding new hardware for the Yosemite pool soon. We will likely take that opportunity to upgrade to the most recent dot release (10.10.5 right now).

I'll link the bug here once we have it.
Depends on: 1184183
This will be part of the hardware upgrade covered in bug 1184181
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Depends on: 1184181
No longer depends on: 1074398, 1184183
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