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mozilla-download never thinks $GAIA/b2g is up-to-date


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The issue is that if you have an out-of-date $GAIA/b2g we'll download new stuff and copy it into the directory instead of clobbering the existing b2g dir which doesn't update the b2g dir's timestamp (only the timestamp of its children) so make gets tripped up.
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Just a little patch to make sure that $GAIA/b2g timestamp gets updated when we run |make b2g|
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I'm bit overloaded these days and Ricky has a better knowledge of the build system now.
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Patch looks fine to me but I don't totally understand why we have to update b2g's timestamp?
(In reply to Ricky Chien [:rickychien] from comment #4)
> Patch looks fine to me but I don't totally understand why we have to update
> b2g's timestamp?

Make determines whether a target needs to be re-made based on the target's timestamps and the timestamps of its dependencies.  Without this fix, on OS X, the timestamp of b2g will never be updated after it's initially created.  However, we update node_modules all the time, so node_modules (as well as the current dep "node_modules/.bin/mozilla-download" that's being simplified to node_modules) can easily end up with more recent timestamps.  Once that happens, OS X users will find that every time "make b2g" is invoked (or anything depending on the "b2g" target), make will decide that it needs to rebuild the "b2g" target and re-run its rules which means re-downloading b2g.
Thanks for explanation :asuth! landed on master
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