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3 years ago
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(Reporter: Bobby Holley (parental leave - send mail for anything urgent), Unassigned)



Another instance of bug 1105873.

All of these have happened the same way - I do a try push, and then I very quickly load the URL it gives me. If I do it quickly enough, the push isn't ready yet, and it seems to _stay_ in this pending state, possibly as the result of me having requested it so early?
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Comment 1

3 years ago
The URL in comment 0 is missing the last character - did it get missed off when copy pasting from the console?

The correct URL is:

Unfortunately it seems that hgweb matches against partial SHAs (which I guess makes sense, since it's still a valid revset) so following the hgweb link in the "waiting for push" page shows results, rather than a 404 which would make the typo clearer. I guess we could hardcode an expected SHA length in the Treeherder ui.
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Facepalm - Thanks Ed! Sorry for the noise.
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Comment 3

3 years ago
I've filed bug 1157699 to make this clearer to the user (ie: if the SHA isn't the expected length, so we know it won't match anything in the DB, then show an error).
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