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clean up nsTimerImpl a little bit


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We have better, C++-ier ways of doing compile-time assertions now.
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The CALLBACK_TYPE enum doesn't need to be exposed outside of
nsTimerImpl, so move it inside the class definition.  While we're doing
this, let's C++-ify the enum definition and give the members
non-shouting names.
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It's never called.  We could replace a few do_CreateInstance/InitWithFuncCallback
pairs with NS_NewTimer, but I don't think it's worth doing that ahead of a "stop
using do_CreateInstance for all timer instances" effort.
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part 1 - use static_assert instead of PR_STATIC_ASSERT

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With this, there's only one remaining use of PR_STATIC_ASSERT in xpcom/, in /xpcom/string/nsTSubstring.cpp.  Feel free to fix that at the same time.  Or not.
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part 2 - make CALLBACK_TYPE enum a private implementation detail of nsTimerImpl

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part 3 - get rid of NS_NewTimer

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