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Simplify how we trace Shapes for marking


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Because why use a while loop if a goto will suffice. Considering this particular over-use, I'd be tempted to say that someone thought goto was magic fast sauce.

A couple of things in this patch deserve comment. First, the ascii-art diagram is still a bit of a lie -- a few edges need to be trimmed to fit that view still. I hope to make it not a lie before closing bug 1154959.

In particular, I've added markAndTraceChildren and /removed/ the default implementation of traverse. This makes using traverse on a non-layout type a linking error. Hence, I've added several static_cast to manually coerce derived types into their base types in the eager and mark-stack paths. This seems like a clearer solution to me than ConvertToBase, given that this is all in the optimized path and I don't want to have an additional internal shim layer.

The new test was to verify for myself that the getter/setter isTenured() checks are actually required. Sadly, they are. The pre-barrier does a standard DoMarking, which for Shapes eagerly traverses children. Unfortunate. We are very close to being able to easily add a custom pre-barrier marker that uses a mark stack for all marking instead.
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::: js/src/gc/Marking.cpp
@@ +55,5 @@
> +// Callback
> +// --------
> +//
> +// The secondary JSTracer is the CallbackTracer. This simply invokes a callback
> +// on each edge in a child.

Ok, *now* that all makes sense. I was hung up on the distinction between visiting a node vs tracing its children, but the distinction the naming is based on is just marking vs generic callbacks. Thanks!

@@ +92,5 @@
> +//      |       '----------------------'     '----------------'    ||                           //
> +//      |                  |                         ||            ||                           //
> +//      |                  |                         ||            ||                           //
> +//      |                  |                         ||            ||                           //
> +//      o<-----------------o<========================OO============Oo                           //

Nice diagram!

@@ +567,1 @@
>  // to visit the child edges. In the absense of other traversal mechanisms, this


"fully generic traceChild virtual method", maybe? Or perhaps "fully generic" is redundant with "virtual method"?

@@ +1051,2 @@
> +        // When triggered onbetween slices on belhalf of a barrier, these

"When triggered between slices on behalf..."
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