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Try to switch fennec over to using the "attached" widget listener model


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Basically, in Fennec we have two nsWindow instances getting created - a root window and a child window. Bug 1155186 did some cleanup in this regard but we are still having issues in that GetViewFor(nsIWidget*) when called on the root window doesn't return the right nsView. After talking with tn [1] it seems like we should be able to use the "attached widget listener" model used in linux and windows to get rid of one of our nsWindow instances (the child one) and have its widget listener registered as the mAttachedWidgetListener for the parent window. This might simplify a lot of things which would be really nice.

Filing this bug to explore this possibility.

[1] See IRC conversation starting at (interleaved with other conversations, sorry)
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Now with more stuff removed.
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The try build is green, I'll run with it for a few days to make sure there's no obvious problems.
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Been running with the build for a day now and haven't seen any issues. Although if we back out the hiddenwindow removal this patch may need changes, so we should probably figure that out first.
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I did a try push on top of the hidden window backout, it's green: and running it locally also shows no obvious problems. However I'll wait until tomorrow to land it because I want to have at least one nightly generated with the hiddenwindow backout so we can more easily tell if this breaks addons again or not.
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