Create a system that can spot unusual activity in Tiles

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3 years ago
On several occasions we've spotted strange activity in tiles such as:

 - Results for a non existent tile
 - Big spike in pins for 1 day
 - Redshift server not responding for a particular query

It would be great to have some way of monitoring these, optionally being able to sign up for alerts and track IP addresses of whichever script kiddie is bombarding our endpoint. 

Previous bugs that have mentioned this sort of thing:

 - "Investigate -1 Tile IDs" 
 - "Tiles database reports impossible tile positions"
 - (possibly) "Investigate multiple sudden and sustained 20% drops in impressions"

Oyiptong mentioned in a meeting that we could look at, say, windows of 1 week of data and use that comparatively in order to spot anomalies.
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