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[metro-removal] Remove code related to full-screen-api.content-only=true


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Bug 1039866 removed much of the metro code from mozilla-central but there were some bits that required more investigation/cleanup. This is one of them. Quoting from bug 1039866 comment 45:

>diff --git a/dom/base/nsContentUtils.h b/dom/base/nsContentUtils.h

>    * Making the fullscreen API content only is useful on platforms where we
>    * still want chrome to be visible or accessible while content is
>-   * fullscreen, like on Windows 8 in Metro mode.
>+   * fullscreen.

Looking at this code, Metro seems to be the only thing that sets full-screen-api.content-only=true. So we can probably rip out a bunch more related code. This can be a new bug too.
Component: Build Config → DOM
Product: Firefox for Metro → Core
This pref was added for Metro mode to avoid UI hiding itself when the content enters fullscreen. But I don't think it was a good design. Even if one day we want to support Metro again, we should explicitly check that in chrome code, instead of stop propagating the event or something to the chrome. Hence this code should definitely be removed to simplify the logic.
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odd code.
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