It should be trivial to see packer config for how an ami was created



3 years ago
4 months ago


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3 years ago
We currently lack transparency of how an ami was created, that is used by a given workerType.

It would be useful to:
a) have an overview of available amis
b) for each ami, to be able to see the packer config used (or the git commit of docker-worker that the ami was created from)

The goal is that someone with no inside knowledge can ascertain exactly what an ami contains, and how it differs to other available amis.

It might also be useful to show worker types that are associated to a given ami (at the moment it is not easy to have an overview if we just have a couple of amis that are used across all the worker types, or if each worker type typically is using a different ami).

Another option might be that the worker type specifies e.g. a packer config, and something else takes care of generating amis when a new packer config is used that has no existing ami.

Separately we could maintain a mapping of packer configs to amis, and this would make it much more transparent to understand how worker types are configured, and also make it easier to create new ones without needing to worry about the publishing-a-new-ami steps.


3 years ago
Component: TaskCluster → General
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4 months ago
Component: General → Docker-Worker
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