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Instant searches aren't included at all in Google Analytics


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If you look at Google Analytics data for search traffic, it takes a major down turn around the time we implemented instant search, from about 700K sessions with search per month (about 3% of sessions) to less than 50K. Given the timing, I'm very sure this is because instant search doesn't send any data to GA.

This bug covers sending data about instant search to GA so we have data about searches. Additionally, we should see if GA has any allowance for instant search-like data where users will make lots of "revisions" to their search as they type.
Joni, Mike and I met and made a decision on which metrics to track and hpw.

* number of searches
** Send a virtual page view every time we show new search results
* number of unique searches
** should come automatically with the virtual page views
* Percentage of people who click on an article from the search results page
** The click through rate. We are going to check if that's still correctly measured on the KPI dashboard
* Exits from a search page
** We should get that with virtual page views
* search refinements
** We should get that with virtual page views
* time spent looking at a search page
** We'll go with virtual page views for now, and follow up on that if that's not enough
* Searches performed on a topic page or kb pages or questions
** We are going to use GA to group pages
* Show what ranking a term was on a search results page
** fire an event with the term and its rank
* Distribution of clicks on the first search results page
**firing an event for each click through
Whiteboard: u=admin c=analytics p=2 s= → u=admin c=analytics p=2 s=2015.10
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Pushed to prod by me, right now.
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