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When was split out from NFS, it appears came into existence. This repository contains a "shadow copy" of hooks. Although, the files are different in one critical way: the content is commented out and the hooks no-op.

Deep in the bowels of /usr/local/bin/mirror-pull, PYTHONPATH is manually munged so that the directory containing the library_overrides clone comes before the directory containing the hooks themselves. When a hook runs, it finds the copy from library_overrides and no-ops.

This solution is haphazard and prone to failures. For example, when hooks are added, we need to add a corresponding hook to library_overrides so the real hook doesn't run. I can think of a handful of times we didn't do this.

I want to do away with library_overrides completely. In its place, we'll modify the actual hooks to know whether they are running on the master or a mirror. If they are running on a mirror, they'll no-op. The same hooks will run on all machines and everything will be consistent.
Duplicate of this bug: 1159237
mirror-pull also explicitly nullifies some hooks with '--config' which should be cleaned up
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/r/7797 - hghooks: no-op during pulls (bug 1159099)
/r/7799 - ansible: remove references to library_overrides (bug 1159099)

Pull down these commits:

hg pull -r f20347b43cb03aae8ce4af1a1ca3824bdee94962
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Assuming the two commits I just pushed get reviewed, deployment will look like the following:

1) deploy version-control-tools to using existing Ansible deployment mechanism
2) update sysadmins Puppet to remove references to library_overrides and run Puppet on all machines
3) purge library_override directories from hosts (Puppet could also do this if it wanted)
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(In reply to Kendall Libby [:fubar] from comment #2)
> mirror-pull also explicitly nullifies some hooks with '--config'
> which should be cleaned up

I /think/ this nullification can be removed once the new, more intelligent hooks are deployed.

Also, the nullification only works when hooks are installed under a specific name. If a hook is installed under a different name, nothing happens. Another reason why logic should be baked into the code and not a run-time override.
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There are no references to library_overrides on v-c-t. The directories still exist on a few servers. But I expect these to get phases out as servers are reimaged over time.
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