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3 years ago
Saves trouble for Konstantina (to some extent).

I do understand, profile details keep on getting backdated & it's easier to ask at present, but there can be better way to do that too:

0. Konstantina needs Reps' PayPal ID
1. Konstantina presses a button beside the Rep's PayPal ID: "Verify with Rep"
1a. If there's no existing account, the button says: "Request PayPal ID"
2. Rep gets an email from our lovely ReMoBot: "Confirm if is your active PayPal ID" (or, "Please click here to add you PayPal ID to reps profile")
3. Rep confirms the ID, clicking on the link.
4. In addition, (s)he may want to set the info as "updated" for next Xmonths (and not be asked to confirm again) - in which case, Konstantina goes ahead trusting that info.
Adding a needinfo for Pierros.
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and for Nukeador
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While this is a good idea and *might* save time for Konstantina, I see a problem with that: There are several Reps who don't use the same Paypal ID for every budget request. In that case that process would need to be triggered every time which would be more work for both sides.

Could we prefill the bugzilla form with the PayPal ID from the portal somehow (probably just when clicking on the "Create Budget Request" button)? If so, we could do that and prefill the info from the profile.

However, in the end an evaluation of how many budget requests lack a paypal email address from the beginning would need to be made to make sure we're spending time on the right features.
Yeah, up to Michael and Konstatina to take a decision on this one.
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My understanding is that we are going to have the paypal via the reps profile. Since the paypal account info is coming from bugzilla and not connected with the Rep's profile I don't see how this is better since it requires an extra step of checking the profile.
The possible improvement that I see here is the prefill that Michael is suggesting with the risk of someone not wanting to use the same paypal account.
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In the coming months the profile apps will be deprecated and all the personal fields of the profile will be synced through Due to this along with the problems that might arise from comments 3 and 5, I am marking this bug as wontfix.
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