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[raptor] Error when checking out gaia PR


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On the second raptor task that runs the test on master+PR:

=> Checking out gaia revision 71d0c10f2b51842b3a474b3bcc7e45e7eb3b6956                                                  
fatal: reference is not a tree: 71d0c10f2b51842b3a474b3bcc7e45e7eb3b6956

This is how gaia is being updated for the PR:

tc-vcs checkout /home/worker/gaia $GAIA_REPOSITORY $GAIA_REPOSITORY master master
cd /home/worker/gaia
git pull -u
if [ "$RAPTOR_GAIA_REV" != "master" ]
  echo "=> Checking out gaia revision" $RAPTOR_GAIA_REV
  git checkout $RAPTOR_GAIA_REV
Checking out files: 100% (11286/11286), done.
HEAD is now at d6506bd Merge pull request #28945 from crh0716/1127718
[tc-vcs] run end : git reset --hard (0) in 5764 ms
[tc-vcs] 0 run start : (cwd: /home/worker/gaia) git checkout master
Already on 'master'
[tc-vcs] run end : git checkout master (0) in 181 ms
[tc-vcs] 0 run start : (cwd: /home/worker/gaia) git fetch master
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
[tc-vcs] run end : git fetch master (0) in 2499 ms
[tc-vcs] 0 run start : (cwd: /home/worker/gaia) git reset --hard
HEAD is now at d6506bd Merge pull request #28945 from crh0716/1127718
[tc-vcs] run end : git reset --hard (0) in 199 ms
[tc-vcs] 0 run start : (cwd: /home/worker/gaia) git checkout 647f38856a46a026e5e4d8c900a242e372f33925
fatal: reference is not a tree: 647f38856a46a026e5e4d8c900a242e372f33925
[tc-vcs] run end : git checkout 647f38856a46a026e5e4d8c900a242e372f33925 (128) in 13 ms

        throw err;
Error: Error running command: git checkout 647f38856a46a026e5e4d8c900a242e372f33925
Hi James, has something changed with pulling gaia PR? This used to work... it works fine when pulling master, but when trying to checkout for a particular rev for a PR, it is failing (comment 2).
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Another example, in this case the first 3 runs the git checkout failed with the error, and then on run 3 the git checkout was successful (same rev):
Change the raptor-tester docker image to be based off:

gaia: master vs master + pr

gaia-master: master -1 commit vs master
Flags: needinfo?(jlal)
Update to raptor task graph, required to use the updated raptor-tester docker image (this will fail on gaia-try because the raptor docker image update isn't pushed yet)
Attachment #8601092 - Flags: review?(garndt)
Update raptor-tester docker image to use gaia-taskenv
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Attachment #8601100 - Flags: review?(eperelman) → review+
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