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Setup webrtc logging environment for android tests


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We need essentially the same environment set up here:
It is easy to set R_LOG_LEVEL, etc, but there is a problem with NSPR_LOG_MODULES on Android: Environment variables set in Android automation cannot contain commas. I can set NSPR_LOG_MODULES="all:5", but that would generate a ton of logging. Any one log tag would be fine also, but we can't do two or more. Bug 977589 has some history.

Shall we go with this for now?
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enable WebRTC logging, except for NSPR_LOG_MODULES, on Android

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This is at least a start, and provides a placeholder for setting up the logging subsystem you want on a given try push, so is better than nothing for nspr. (You can also now find this file by grepping for R_LOG_LEVEL, which is nice)
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Should probably put the bug number in the patch above the commented-out NSPR_LOG_MODULES line, come to think of it.
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I think the patch broke mochitest-plain for local tests on Fennec. I tried running the command "mach mochitest-plain" on three different machines (combination of Mac and Linux) with 3 different phones and it fails to launch the browser on the device. I bisected the failure to this bug and after reverting the changes in the patch, I am able to run the tests again.

gbrown: I am not familiar with this code, do you have any guesses why this would be happening?
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:wchen -- I'm so sorry about that! I can't think of how this could be causing a failure. I can run "mach mochitest-plain" on Linux against an Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus without any problem. I am running adb version 1.0.32; would you check "adb version" on your machines? Also I wonder if your logcat shows anything? 

Perhaps it would be best to open a new bug for your issue and cc or assign me to it.
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