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Remove unused mozharness code to query for previous build id


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Getting previous build ids uses |find previous -maxdepth 4 -type f -name application.ini| in both mozharness and toolkit. This has been working fine, but we have hit a situation where another application.ini is found.

-maxdepth 4 was likely chosen because on mac the path is previous/, but on windows and linux this would also find previous/distribution/extensions/{...}/application.ini

I have two patches that fix it, but they obviously need to go through some testing instance. I know I can push to try with my own mozharness repo, but afaik try doesn't generate partials and hence wouldn't trigger the code to find the previous application.ini.

If someone can tell me how to test it, I can move forward. I'm attaching the WiP patch, completely untested.
Jordan, can you give me a hint here?
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Turns out the code that did this is now unused, morphing this bug to remove the unused code.
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Summary: Getting previous buildid for partials generation may find too many application.inis → Remove unused mozharness code to query for previous build id
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Fix - v1

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