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Make about:memory accessible from XulRunner versions of cZ


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Steps to reproduce:

about:memory is needed to see how much memory the app is using and minimize usage.  But it isn't available for those that run cZ as a standalone app.

I created an alias as the following:

evals getService("\;1","nsIWindowWatcher").openWindow(null,"about:memory","about:memory", "", null).

Unfortunately, it isn't very functional.  The window can't be resized and doesn't appear to work at all.

Actual results:

about:memory isn't available in cZ outside a browser

Expected results:

about:memory should be available regardless of how cZ is run.
Blocks: 1160906
To me bug 1160906, bug 1160905, bug 1160904 are all the same regarding implementation. As such I propose to mark this as duplicate of bug 1160904 .
I did what I did as Mardeg suggested this approach on IRC.  He was available then and I asked him if folding both into one bug would be better than two bugs.  I hadn't considered a tracking bug.
Severity: normal → enhancement
See Also: → 1160904, 1160906
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