change SOURCES et al to enable |mach sources-for-platform $PLATFORM|



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
I'm in the middle of a tedious tree-wide refactoring, and I've been fighting with try server on multiple platforms like so:

1. Refactor $FILE.
2. Submit job to try server.
3. Notice that build has failed on $FILE (different function) or $OTHER_FILE.
4. Goto step 1.

After 10 or 15 times through this loop per-platform, it gets old.

What would be nice for this sort of thing is if you could say:

  mach sources-for-platform windows

because then you can do something like:

  diff -u <(mach sources-for-platform) <(mach sources-for-platform windows)

(where |mach sources-for-platform| lists all the sources for my current platform)

and then I can see at a glance all the Windows-specific code that I need to look through.  Some iteration might be required, but ideally it would make things much easier.
The shitty thing here is that you can use any conditional to conditionally set SOURCES, so this might be hard to get very accurate, but we could probably provide "what our standard {windows32,windows64,linux32,linux64,mac32,mac64,android,b2g} build looks like" by setting OS_TARGET, CPU_ARCH, and MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT to the correct values.


5 months ago
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