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Heartbeats "learn more" link should point to a support article


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I got sampled on Nightly for heartbeat.

Clicking on "learn more" took me to:
... which mixes project details (goals etc.) with user-facing information.

We should instead setup a proper (localizable) support article and link to that, probably coordinated with SUMO.
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This _really_ needs to happen. The text on the current page is absolutely tone-deaf, and will leave random web developers who're otherwise happily using the dev edition with a very negative impression of Mozilla as a faceless corporate entity. 

Seriously, "real-time understanding", "user population", "pivot", "user perception" - these are NOT phrases we should be bandying about. And that's just from the summary...
Adding Joni here as she owns the Knowledge Base content.

Joni - Can you work with Gregg to get some content created on SUMO for Heartbeat?
Here's the new in-product link: (just replace the %VERSION%/%OS%/%LOCALE% tuple).

The in-product link will redirect to the new SUMO article:
Looks like this is ready to fix in the tree.
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Flags: needinfo?(glind)
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