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This ticket tracks adding a storage layer for Firefox Account profile information.  I think it's worth just keeping JSON in the format provided by the profile server [1] around for at least a while, and perhaps adding a little API for accessing it in a type safe way.  Right now that's just a URI to a profile image, I think.  This API would be provided via an AndroidFxAccount on device and might handle downloading and caching the profile image for future use.

At some point this might grow into a ContentProvider and a Sync adapter to maintain the data; or we might update the data in response to interactions with the web view at  But for now, we can stay nice and simple.

We might want to expose this profile data through Accounts.jsm as well, for add-ons and home panels to take advantage of.  Food for thought.
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Yeah, JSON and a little AndroidFxAccount sub-API for getting the profile information is enough for now.

There's an impedance mismatch here: the Android account is a global object, while the Firefox Account profile (avatar, etc) should be tied to a specific Firefox profile.  That is, the Account really belongs to the "default" profile.  So we should be careful to store the profile JSON in a per-Firefox-profile location.  The profile is available to AndroidFxAccount, so that should work out.
Summary: Store Firefox Account profile information → Store Firefox Account profile information using SyncAdapter and ContentProvider
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We almost certainly aren't going to touch this any time soon
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