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Need decision on inclusion of question mark link and landing page for 'sign in with firefox'


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in the attachment, there was a mock that had a '?' to the right of the 'sign in with Firefox' button.  Where does it go?
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Blocks: Pocket
Pattern-matching from previous experience, ISTM the thing to do is have this land on a SUMO article about firefox accounts.  This might be a good enough starting point, esp. if we add pocket to the list of supported services:
rfeeley: I need answer on this by tomorrow morning.

I think the decision tree looks like this:
No answer: we punt
Needs something else: we punt
Use Ryan's link: we add it back
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Sumo can provide a redirect URL so that we can change it in the future...  I'm adding Joni to provide URL so we can land it.
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Here's the in-product URL:

(Just change the %VERSION%/%OS%/%LOCALE% tuple.)

For now, it will redirect to the article mentioned in comment #1. We do plan to add Pocket to the list of services with a link to a meta article.
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Side note: bug 1161502 noted that the styling of the question-mark button w=was wonky, so if we do bring it back that should be fixed.
Priority: -- → P4
It was from Pocket’s original mocks, I believe to expose a tooltip on hover, but was omitted.
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Hey gang, based on Comment 2 above, it didn't sound like we made a decision here so we're going to move forward punting for now. 

If I'm interpreting that incorrectly please let me know ASAP. Thanks!
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