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Intermittent parse issues in Nightly


(Toolkit :: Reader Mode, defect)

Not set





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I don't expect there is much we can do with this, but wanted to file it regardless #seesomethingfilesomething

I started up today's FF Nightly build and randomly went to ESPN and saw there was a reader mode icon for

When I clicked the reader mode button, the UI said that there was no reader mode available, but clicking it again showed a readability version of the page. Not sure why it failed to parse the first time...

:n1k0: says:

> I remember having experienced something similar a few times (rarely though).
> I wonder if we shouldn't "wait a little" for contents being fully loaded/generated
> before actually sending serialized contents to the worker. Maybe that's 
> already the case btw, I'm didn't dig too far into the chrome part of things.
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This sounds like being caused by the fact that ESPN is one of those hip new one-page JS apps and so the URL changes but the document doesn't, and after you left the "broken" reader mode the first time, it reloaded that URL from scratch (new doc) and that will have meant a slightly different document structure, which was apparently readable.

The bug would be the fact that it wasn't readable the first time. In order to fix that we really need the XML-ified live DOM that gets passed to reader mode in order to debug what's going wrong there.
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ESPN seems to now work reliably, so going to close this as incomplete for now.
Closed: 7 years ago
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