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Lightning 3.3
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Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Thunderbird 31.6 and lightning 3.3.3
2. Go to Calendar view
3. Right click on menu bar, choose Customize
4. See the drop down list in "Show"

Actual results:

The drop down list is blank by default and is not the same height with "Show"

Expected results:

The drop down list should be the same height with "Show" as when we trigger it on main view.
This also exists on Solaris.
Component: Untriaged → Lightning Only
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 31 → Lightning 3.3
The same appears in Daily. If you selcet an item from the dropdown list and closes the dialog and than reopen the customize dialog, the previous selection is only persisted as you haven't switched to another tab. The same applies on task view.

I'm wondering if there's any attribute/property we're missing in the toolbar definitions in lightning-toolbar.xul which triggers that behaviour or is this a toolkit issue.
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Philipp, do you know what attribute triggers pre-setting of the dropdown selection?
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Ah I see. So we have this modebox binding that sets the "mode" attribute to whatever mode is active (calendar,mail,tasks). The toolbox uses the mode attribute to determine what mode it is in, for example the mail toolbar has the attribute set to "full" for me.

I don't know why the mode attribute is being modified on that node, I thought it only happens on modeboxes.
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In the toolbox the attribute "mode", related to the Lightning's current mode (mail, calendar, task), overwrites the attribute "mode" used to set the value in the drop down menu (full, icons, text, textbesideicon). This was my error from another patch.

In this patch I've used modeboxes without set the attribute "refcontrol" because the attribute "collapsed" in the toolbars already allows to hide the toolbar for each mode. Could it be a problem for the modeboxes a missing refcontrol?
I've also changed the order of two items in the context menu for the menu bar so we have the same context menu of the toolbar.

I wanted to test on SeaMonkey, but I'm not able to find a recent version for Windows (zip version, without installer) with a working Lightning. What version should I use, and where I can download it?
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patch - v1

Looks like the patch is empty? I just see the header.

I believe Seamonkey is suffering issues with their nightly builds at the moment, their tree has been closed for a while.
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Sometimes it helps doing a qrefresh (and verify the file before posting) ;-)
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patch - v1

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As long as it works in Thunderbird it should be fine, we can wait for a bug report in Seamonkey. r=philipp
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