JS marker EventHandlerNonNull has <unknown location> stack




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Also see this on a EventListener.handleEvent
Apparently this is a localization that occurs when a frame contains neither a `source` or a `functionDisplayName`


3 years ago
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Tromey, is this an intentional fallback when we can't determine a stack for some good reason, or an error?
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3 years ago
I think it was defensive programming - so I would lean toward "error".

If we can't find a stack at all, then the stack properties on the marker should be null,
and we shouldn't try to display anything.

However, IIRC, at the time I wasn't sure if it was possible for a stack frame not to have
any useful descriptive information.
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2 years ago
Do you know how I could reproduce this?
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No idea, but I'll keep an eye out for it
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Triaging. Filter on ADRENOCORTICOTROPIC (yes).
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Summary: [marker] JS Marker EventHandlerNonNull has <unknown location> stack → JS marker EventHandlerNonNull has <unknown location> stack
Version: 37 Branch → unspecified
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