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Changes to font size not respected when using relative filter units


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When changing the font size after a filter using relative units was set, the change is not respected when the filter gets applied.
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Hmm. Maybe we should just define the current Firefox behavior as correct. It's similar to how ctx.font works:

> When the 'font-size' component is set to lengths using percentages, 'em' or
> 'ex' units, or the 'larger' or 'smaller' keywords, these must be interpreted
> relative to the computed value of the 'font-size' property of the font style
> source node at the time that the attribute is set, if that is an element.
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I agree, It makes most sense to make it work just like ctx.font.
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Change test to reflect previously discussed behavior.
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test case

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Can you also add a test that makes sure that we *don't* react to font changes that happen after the filter was set?
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That's what the test is already doing. It changes the font size to 20px after setting the filter, which should get ignored.
Oh, right.
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