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Mouse over over rows in tables highlights the hovered row.


(DevTools :: Netmonitor, defect)

40 Branch


(firefox40 affected)

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firefox40 --- affected


(Reporter: canuckistani, Unassigned)



From uservoice:

"It would be nice that when you hover over a row on the network tab, it highlights. It is very difficult to line up the data on the row."

If we did this, we should ensure that all tables in the tools work this way - if it's useful in one table it's useful in all tables. For clarity reasons if a table row can be also selected ( like in a netmonitor ) then the highlight colour should be different from the selected colour.
Depends on: 1064471
The netmonitor now does this after bug 1165576.
Depends on: 1165576
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Severity: normal → S3
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