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Re-enable libical tests and disable ical.js in nightly builds when binary compatibility is back


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Lightning 4.2
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In bug 1162300 we enabled ical.js for nightly builds and also disabled libical for the tests. We should revert this once binary compatibility is back.
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Do you know the bug # to add back support for extensions with binary XPCOM components in Thunderbird?
I haven't filed it yet, nor searched for one. The patch is almost ready though. for re-enabling tests, we can switch back to libical once the tests pass.
Will they run with libical when calendar.icaljs is set to true? Maybe we need something like head_icaljs.js for libical that will set calendar.icaljs to false before the test.
Something like this?
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Force disable libical - v1

Looks good to me.
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That worked very well. Pushing to aurora, where tests will work as soon as the binary extensions patch is backported to mozilla-aurora, which I also forgot. I hope its just a day or two, I think we can live with failing tests on aurora for that time.
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Now that libical is working again we can revert the change from Bug 1162300 Attachment 8602947 [details] [diff] (enable icaljs by default) in comm-central.
What are your thoughts on keeping ical.js enabled on comm-central only, e.g protecting it with an ifdef? In the long run I'd like to move to ical.js and this would give us some extra testing. It would mean that issues specific to libical would only be caught on aurora, but I don't recall too many of those lately and I believe most issues are only caught on beta anyway.
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Sure. Is there an existing flag/switch to differentiate comm-central from other branches?
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Looking at it seems we can use NIGHTLY_BUILD. I thought that aurora has that set too, but it seems not. Alternatively there is MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL.
This patch changes the behavior and enables icaljs on only comm-central.
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Pushed to comm-central changeset 99d02f70de9a
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