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Incorrectly formatted error message "sending failed"


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Thunderbird 41.0
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When pressing "Cancel" while e-mail is being sent:

Sending of the message failed.
The message could not be sent using Outgoing server (SMTP) %S for an unknown reason. Please verify that your Outgoing server (SMTP) settings are correct and try again.

%S, hmm, which user would understand this?
Not dramatic, but also not nice and clearly a regression.
Previously, a cancel used the generic message "Sending of the message failed" along with a worthless suggestion to check your settings.

After the big send string reference rewrite, the NS_ERROR_ABORT that comes from the cancel operation was not added to nsComposeStrings.cpp, which means that it falls through to the default message "smtpSendFailedUnknownReason" which includes the %S string.

But the use of that string occurs in DoDeliveryExitProcessing() where again NS_ERROR_ABORT is not handled, and it falls through to the default (which DOES NOT assume that a %S exists in the string).

Really it is a design flaw to fall through in one case to a default that uses %S and in another to one that does not use %S. I am torn about whether to fix that default, or whether to just fix the specific case discovered in this bug. I checked all of the cases that are specifically called out in DoDeliveryExitProcessing and they all have entries defined in nsComposeStrings.cpp  So that means to me that the default string should not require the %S in nsMsgComposeStrings.cpp
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Duplicate of this bug: 1160888
Sorry for reporting a duplicate, but I got more attention than the other guy ;-)
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Use generic sendFailed as default message
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Use generic sendFailed as default message

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