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Currently perfherder has three views: a "graphs" view (get an overview of a particular performance series), a "compare all" view (get an overview of the differences between two revisions on all test suites), and a "compare subtest" view (get the differences between two revisions on the subtests in a particular suite)

Recently we modified the subtest comparison view so the document title (what you see in each tab) reflects the content. E.g.:


Note how the document title says "windows7-32 tp5o subtest summary". We should do the same for the graphs and full comparison views which currently only say (unhelpfully) "Perfherder".

Full comparison example:


Graphs example:


It's easy to set the document title in Javascript. All you need is to set window.document.title. You can see the existing example for compare subtests here: https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder-ui/blob/master/webapp/app/js/compareperf.js#L229

For the full comparison, we'll do something similar. I think this makes sense a start: originalRevision (originalBranch) to newRevision (newBranch). The code you need to modify is here:


The data you need is in $scope, you should see that below:


For the graphs view, we could potentially have many different graphs at the same time. For simplicity, let's just use the first one ("series") and append a " and others" if there is more than one. For the name, let's use "<testname> <platform> (branchname)". For example:

tp5o summary opt windows7-32 (mozilla-central)

Again, the information needed to generate this should be in $scope, in this case in the seriesList variable. You can see us manipulating it here:


It probably makes the most sense to change updateURL to do this, since it's a central place that is called whenever this type of state changes:


Since that method is no longer just used for updating the URL though, we should change it to "updateDocument".

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3 years ago
Will, I would like to work on this project.
Ok, assigned!
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3 years ago
Created attachment 8604769 [details] [review]
Corrected titles in graph and comparison views

Check my pull request !!
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Commit pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder-ui

Bug 1163580 - Titles in comparison and graphs view should reflect content
Comment on attachment 8604769 [details] [review]
Corrected titles in graph and comparison views

Thanks!! Some minor formatting issues, which I just fixed myself before merging. https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder-ui/commit/bc6ba504c266054095adac0ac29d9a3699b226d0
Attachment #8604769 - Flags: review?(wlachance) → review+
Realized after pushing that I missed an edge case where the series list had zero length in my review.

Did a quick followup: https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder-ui/commit/acaa8785ddee92c1e017efd69b34d7f19c5c8a3d
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