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Reftest mach command should use same argument parser as the test harness


(Testing :: Reftest, defect)



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(Reporter: ahal, Unassigned)



The reftest mach command redefines all of the arguments [1] exposed by the reftest harness [2]. This is bad for a few reasons:

* options need to be defined twice
* makes command line for running locally different from command line when running in production
* encourages multiple entry points into the test harness and separation of features (i.e features that only work when using the mach command).

Instead of re-defining arguments, the mach command should just *use* the harness' argument parser directly. This is possible by using the 'parser' argument to the @Command decorator in mach. This was already done for mochitest, so bug 1155338 can be used as a rough guideline.

A pre-requisite to this is getting the reftest harness to use argparse instead of optparse.

Depends on: 1163795
Severity: normal → S3
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