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"View Pocket List" prevents going back to previous page due to server redirects


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Steps to reproduce:

0. Logged into Pocket
1. On a tab, load any page other than about:newtab, e.g. about:home.
2. Click "View Pocket List" in bookmark menu.
3. Click back button after is loaded.

Actual results:

I cannot go back to previous page, i.e. about:home. is loaded and immediately redirected to, resulting a loop.

The bug may be a Pocket's site issue, but I think this cannot be ignored since Firefox decides to integrate Pocket and turn it on by default.

Even if I manually load, 2 back actions is required to go back to previous page (but not resulting a loop).
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Summary: "View Pocket List" prevents going back to previous page due to a loop → "View Pocket List" prevents going back to previous page due to server redirects
Possibly something that could be fixed on Pocket's side, possible we could fix it in browser by linking straight to the final page.

But this also feels like an existing issue, in that clicking the back button with redirects like these ought to do something smarter.
Priority: -- → P3
:dolske, what direction do we want to go in for a fix for V2?
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Hmm, this is curious. The network devtools shows the following:

1) Browser requests

2) Server replies with a HTTP 302 redirect to

3) Browser requests

4) Server replies with a HTTP 301 redirect to

The 302 in step 2 may not be the entire cause of this bug, but seems problematic to be redirecting a secure connection to an insecure connection. So Pocket should definitely fix that on their end.

We can change the in-product URL for 39, since that's trivial. Would still be nice to have a bug on file to handle redirects better (maybe that's bug 805866) and ideally fix that too.
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Pocket just fixed the insecure redirect, but this main issue this bug about is still exists.

I also noticed that, at least now, the previous history entry is actually where the redirect sent us, so that's not actually the issue.

1) Load ""
2) 302 to"
3) something puts us on

The previous history entry is step 2.

If I disable browser.history.allowPushState, things work properly:

1) Load
2) Load
3) (note loaded page is .../a/queue/)
4) Click back button
5) now on

So,  the browser isn't being as helpful as it maybe could be with pushState, but might also be fixable on Pocket's end? (I've had problems with Firefox + pushState on other sites, so still would nice if we looked at a general fix.)
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Severity: normal → S3
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