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Putting focus into editable text area sometimes doesn't bring up the keyboard


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I was doing a MozReview review [1] using Fennec and I got into a state where I was trying to edit one of my comments but after putting focus into the comment box it wouldn't bring up the keyboard. Panning around would do some sort of text selection but it wasn't Fennec's text selection with the orange selection carets. I don't know if MozReview intercepts the touch events and does bad stuff with it, but I assume not because it's clearly not designed with mobile interfaces in mind. More likely that it's a Fennec bug of some sort.

If somebody is working on text input issues I can create a dummy MozReview and try to come up with consistent STR.

I can look into this too.
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This one might just be a mozreview bug as i can reproduce it there but not in other places. STR: go to e.g. and tap on the diff somewhere to bring up the comment entry box. Type in some stuff and then hide the keyboard while leaving focus in the textfield. Now there doesn't appear to be a way to bring the keyboard back as tapping again in the textarea doesn't do it. Dragging you finger over the text entered will select it without fennec's orange selection carets.
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