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[Mostly copy/pasted from bug 1146686 for Input]

Kitsune is currently using Django 1.7.x. Django 1.8 is out now:


Django 1.8 involves a major overhaul to the templating system. This is a big deal for us since Input uses Jinja2 for templating rather than the default Django templating engine.

Upgrading to django 1.8 will require us to redo our Jinja2 infrastructure and will likely allow us to ditch a bunch of libraries that are poorly maintained.

This tracker bug covers all the bugs involved in upgrading to Django 1.8.


4 years ago
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Alias: sumo-django-1.8
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Alias: sumo-django-1.8
Django 1.9 just came out, meaning that Django 1.7 is now deprecated and no longer receiving security updates.
Depends on: 1238055
Depends on: 1250719
Rebecca: We are getting ready to deploy this soon. It will be going to stage today, and is on dev already.

This change affects the entire site. Nothing should be different, it should be an invisible change. There are a couple areas I'd like to call out for some extra attention though.

* User login
* The review process for KB changes
* Visible HTML or other "code" (We had a large template change, and this is how it generally goes wrong)
* Localization existing. Strings that are localized on prod should also be localized on stage.

I doubt search will be affected, nor the AAQ (outside general template problems). I'll let you know when this is on stage. If you could take a look at the site (again, -dev or -stage), I'd really appreciate it.
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Depends on: 1250719
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Has this gone to stage yet?
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Sorry, I ran into trouble deploying this to stage. Those blockers should be gone today, and I will update this bug when I do that deploy. Sorry I did not update this bug sooner.
Depends on: 1252580
More trouble deploying to stage is being tracked in bug 1252580.
Finally, the Django 1.8 branch is deployed and ready to test on both dev and stage. Please test away!
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I checked out stage today.
* User login - works from the header, not during the new AAQ [so no change]
* Visible HTML or other "code" (We had a large template change, and this is how it generally goes wrong) - I didn't see any code that didn't belong
* Localization existing. Strings that are localized on prod should also be localized on stage. - I verified a few articles all had identical translations between prod/stage

* The review process for KB changes  - I looked around the KB dashboard and it looks good, but I'm unfamiliar with the precise steps of the review process. Let me know if there is something particular that needs to be looked at.
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The localization I was talking about was UI localization, that is the strings stored outside Kitsune, such as the text of buttons and menu items. The articles are a different system that I don't expect to have a problem.

In the article review process there was one small item that was changed. After accepting an article in review, a box pops up and asks the reviewer to leave a comment. The code for that box changed, but we don't expect the behavior to change.
I compared some different locales with how much had been translated in Pontoon, checking buttons & menu items.  I also went and edited / reviewed an article and everything looked fine.
Excellent, thank you! I think this is ready to go to production. What do you think?
I agree- I'm available to test when it goes.
Verified on production
This is deployed on production and looks alright. I'm going to leave this open until tomorrow in case anything explodes in the night.
Bug 1253528 seems to be related to the push.
Depends on: 1253685
Depends on: 1253528


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