Panel dictionary file missing entries for some languages

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4 years ago
Peter noted that we had some conflicts in dictionary.js:

We found that non-English languages were missing or had keys not matching up for 3 strings:
- saving: "Saving..." (Missing)
- mustbeconnected: "You must be connected to the Internet in order to save to Pocket. Please check your connection and try again." (Missing) 
- errorgeneric: "There was an error when trying to save to Pocket." (Not matching)

Note, this isn't a last minute Beta blocker as the fallback will be not to show any string. In the three cases above it's okay because:
- saving: It shows a spinner, actually looks normal without it
- mustbeconnected: Still has the main header of the error dialog that says "Page Not Saved" -- it just won't explain why.
- errorgeneric: Very rare error state, only will happen if Pocket is completely knocked out. Still has the main header of the error dialog that says "Page Not Saved" -- it just won't explain why.

We had strings for those from our own translations so I dropped them in. That said, I assume you'll want to have your localization team review/update as needed. But hopefully this let's us move quickly if needed.
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a+ for aurora/beta/release: required for Pocket launch in 38.0.5.
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