Re-fetch network requests with no response.




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In bug 862341 we made it possible to show network requests that happened before the netmonitor becomes active. Panos points out in comment 24[1] that response bodies are not captured - therefore I am proposing this followup, that we should enhance the response pane to allow the users to quickly and easily re-fetch the request ( essentially, engage edit & re-send all in one click )

The use case is:

The user opens the toolbox with the console active, reloads their app, then looks at the netmonitor when they notice the app isn;t working correctly. They click on an xhr request that loads in initial data and then on the request's response tab to see what data was loaded.

Expected result: they should see a button / link that then initiates a new request, and switches the ui to select that request and the response tab, which now shows the response data.

Actual result: the response tab is empty

1. click on the 'headers' tab
2. click on 'edit & re-send'
3. click on 'send'
4. click on the new request added to the netmonitor
5. select the response tab

IMO We should either do this, or test out capturing the response no matter what ( this is what chrome does ). 

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