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Steps to reproduce:

Aside from the fact that I preferred the old Options dialog, in which a new dialog window opened, rather than this new method which opens a new browser tab, this new dialog does not lend itself to mouseless operation.  To wit.

1. Open the Options tab.  Type characters to initiate a string search.

2. Once you select a category, string search should allow you to navigate to the action buttons.

I could go on because the entire dialog suffers from this style of problem throughout.  You need to work diligently to make the entire dialog amenable to mouseless operation.

Actual results:

1. Strings that match are not always found.  For example, when you first open the dialog, focus appears to be nowhere.  Arrow keys do not cause focus to move up and down the list of categories on the left.  You have to hit Tab first.  At least hitting Tab activates the list of categories on the left.  But string search does not work properly.  For example, type "con" which should match the Contents category.  It does, but if you hit Enter, it doesn't activate the category.  Only using arrows activates the category.

2. For example, on the Content tab, type "color."  Among the strings found should be the button marked "Colors..." (with the C underlined).

Expected results:

1. Arrow keys, specifically Up and Down, should navigate the categories on the left without having to first hit Tab.  Further, a string search should more than simply find the string.  It should find the string AND let you hit Enter to skip directly to that category.

2. The word "Colors" does get found, the one labeling that section of the dialog.  But the button labeled "Colors..."  (with the C underlined) is never found with the string search.  Worse, the letter C is underlined.  This is supposed to indicate that if I type C, that button will activate & open the subdialog for setting colors.  This does not happen and it should.


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Comment 1

3 years ago
Further to my Expected results #1, it occurs to me that if you do a string search that matches, it could find the string AND actually activate that category of options.

Comment 2

3 years ago
Just thought of something else.  The old Options dialog used to (re)open on whatever tab you happened to be on when you last closed it.  It would be nice if the new one did the same thing.

Comment 3

3 years ago
[I've just gotten update 38.0.5 minutes ago so I'm up to date.]

Here's another oddity.  If you leave the Options dialog open while you read another Tab, and then you later come back to the Options Tab, focus is nowhere.  If you hit the Tab key, nothing appears to happen.  Apparently, the keypress gets sent to another Tab in the same window.  I think it's the one that you happened to be viewing right before you switched focus to the Options Tab, but I'm not 100% sure of that.  In order to "wake up" the Options Tab, you have to hit F6.  I think it takes 3 hits on F6 to get focus to properly come back to the Options Tab, at which point you can once again navigate the Options with the Tab key.  What SHOULD happen is focus should remain on the button or field where you last performed an Options action before switching focus away from the Options Tab, so you don't have to retrieve focus from oblivion.

Or you can just use the mouse, but I hate using the mouse.  The whole point of my complaint is that this dialog is not friendly to keyboard use.
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